All satellite medical centres meet all requirements of ministry of health decree no 402 for year 2015.

All satellite medical centre will be offered to have:

  • Its own dedicated entrance choosing between the street entrance, plaza entrance or both
  • Membership in Capital care complex general services (laundry, medical waste management, morgue, meeting rooms,...).
  • Their own vertical circulation elements .
  • Its own MEP facilities (i.e.: mechanical & electrical & plumbing ).
  • Its own HVAC facilities (i.e. heating, ventilation and air Conditioning,).
  • Floor heights and plans were designed to meet with wide range of medical equipment requirements (ex: Cath Lab, Class A operations, Renal dialyses, sophisticated diagnostic medical equipments.....,etc.).

SMC (Model 1)

Terrace 41 M²
First Floor 390 M²
Ground Floor 115 M²
Lower Floor 745 M²
Gross Areas 1250 M²

SMC (Model 2)

First Floor 476 M²
Ground Floor 349 M²
Lower Floor 548 M²
Gross Areas 1373 M²

SMC (Model 3)

First Floor 207 M²
Ground Floor 191 M²
Lower Floor 273 M²
Gross Areas 671 M²

SMC (Model 4)

First Floor 223 M²
Ground Floor 193 M²
Lower Floor 205 M²
Gross Areas 621 M²

SMC (Model 5)

First Floor 169 M²
Ground Floor 133 M²
Lower Floor 149 M²
Gross Areas 452 M²

SMC (Model 6)

First Floor 196 M²
Ground Floor 144 M²
Lower Floor 212 M²
Gross Areas 525 M²